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    Before you begin the process of deploying Glasswall Halo via VMware, check that you have the following tools and resources installed and setup.

    System Requirements

    • Standalone ESXi host Or VMware vSphere with ESXi Hypervisor / vCenter
    • Glasswall Halo v2 OVA
    • OVA Login Credentials
      • This is provided by your Glasswall Representative with the receipt of your OVA.

    Minimum Hardware Requirements

    • 16 virtual CPUs (vCPUs)
    • 32 GB of memory
    • 100 GB of free storage
    • Disk:
      • Throughput: we recommend using a disk with a high IO throughput such as SSD (Solid State Disk), however a hard disk with capacity of 100 GB free storage is sufficient.
      • Size: the disk size depends on the average file size that will be processed. If you scale the cores and memory of the machine above the minimum requirements, the disk size should also be scaled by the same factor.
      • Logging: 40% of the disk should be allocated to /var/log/ where logs of all containers and services are stored. Logs should be retained for a configurable number of days (the default is 30 days).
      • Minimum size for PVC: the size of the PVC should be 50% of the total disk size which allows the remaining amount to be used by running services, logs etc.

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