Glasswall-Menlo Security Plug-in
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    Glasswall-Menlo Security Plug-in

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    Article Summary

    Glasswall provides our clients the option to use our Glasswall API for web content traffic and downloads, thanks to our seamless integration with Menlo Security's Isolation Platform (MSIP).

    Glasswall's CDR API enables safe file downloads by only allowing in files that are malware-free - regardless of where they are downloaded from.

    The Glasswall – MSIP Plug-in ensures that users can safely browse the internet and receive files free from threats – without compromising on usability or speed.

    Use cases

    • File uploads or downloads to block malicious activity
    • Targeted spear-phishing or generic phishing attacks
    • Zero Trust architecture
    • Compromised websites
    • Privacy protection

    How it works

    The isolation-powered, Zero Trust solution routes all online activity through a remote cloud-based browser and treats all content as malicious. Glasswall’s Cloud-Native Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) Platform provides sub-second threat-removal capabilities when enabled as part of the Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP).


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