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To initiate the integration of the Glasswall-Menlo Security plug-in, you need the following prerequisites:


  • VPC
  • Cloud Formation
  • EC2
  • S3
  • Route53
  • Certificate Manager
  • A registered domain with AWS with hosted zone
  • Pragmatic access for your IAM
    • AWS Access Key
    • AWS Secret Key
  • GitHub Account
    • Necessary for cloning Menlo repository to AWS resource
    • GitHub Public Key (see instructions below)


  • Latest Middleware AMI 
  • Latest CDR Platform AMI 
  • Latest Service Cluster AMI
  • Certificate ARN (see instructions below)
  • Service Cluster Monitoring Password
    • Shared via Glasswall Passbolt Server
  • Service Cluster Logging Password
    • Shared via Glasswall Passbolt Server

To begin the integration process, refer to Glasswall-Menlo Deployment.

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