Scan Management API
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    Scan Management API

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    The Scan Management API enables security teams to initiate jobs and retrieve the status of active file scans within Glasswall Constellations – our zero-trust CDR processing solution for large amounts of data.


    The Glasswall Scan Management API consists of several endpoints which carry out specific functions.

    The endpoints and their descriptions are listed below.

    • Retrieve Status of All Scans
      This endpoint request enables bulk retrieval of scan information from all users.

    • Retrieve Status of all Self-Started Scans
      This endpoint request enables bulk retrieval of information for all scans initiated by you.

    • Start a New Scan
      This endpoint request starts a new scan of a specified storage container.

    • Retrieve Status of Specific Scan
      This endpoint request retrieves the status of a specified scan.

    • Cancel a Scan
      This endpoint request cancels a specified active scan.

    • Restart an Existing Scan
      This endpoint request enables a scan to be restarted to include any new files added to a storage container.

    For more information please refer to our API Documentation.

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