Menlo Security Platform API
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    Menlo Security Platform API

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    Article Summary

    Glasswall provides our clients the option to use our Glasswall API for web content traffic and downloads, thanks to our seamless integration with the Menlo Security Platform.

    There are endpoints exposed by Glasswall that enable Menlo deployments to integrate with the Glasswall Embedded Engine. These endpoints internally call the Asynchronous API, which carries out work to rebuild files sent to it when Menlo intercepts file downloads by users.

    The Glasswall – Menlo Security Plug-in ensures that users can safely browse the internet and receive files free from threats – without compromising on usability or speed.


    The Menlo Security Platform API consists of several endpoints which carry out specific functions.

    The endpoints and their descriptions are listed below.

    • Rebuild Files Asynchronously
      This endpoint request rebuilds binary files asynchronously.

    • Retrieve Status of CDR Request
      This endpoint request retrieves the status of the CDR processing request submitted asynchronously by the Menlo Security Platform plugin.

    • Retrieve Rebuilt File
      This endpoint request retrieves the rebuilt file once the CDR processing is complete.

    For more information please refer to our API Documentation.

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