License Management API
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    License Management API

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    Alongside the release of Glasswall Halo v2.2.0, important changes have been made to the way licensing works for all of our products. It is now mandatory to provide a valid Glasswall license to access Glasswall Halo and Embedded Engine.

    This is a new API used to manage active licenses and can be accessed via the main entry point into the cluster. The License Management service focuses solely on license storage and does not impact the application of licenses within the cluster.

    Please note that only one license can be stored in Glasswall Halo, but it is possible to update or overwrite it at any time. To obtain your new license, please contact us.


    The Glasswall License Management API consists of several endpoints which carry out specific functions.

    The endpoints and their descriptions are listed below.

    • Insert New License
      This endpoint request stores a new active license.

    • Description of Current License
      This endpoint request returns a description of the currently installed license.

    • Delete Current License
      This endpoint request enables the currently installed license to be deleted.

    For more information please refer to our API Documentation.

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