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    Article summary

    General Remarks

    • Updated shield status icons across the UI.

    Components / Services Released

    • Glasswall Meteor App
    • Embedded Engine Release 13

    New Features

    • Cleaned shield has been replaced with 2 new shields: Fully protected and Protected by policy. These 2 shields will now appear in the counters at the top of the file details tables, as well as in the status column in the tables. Each of these statuses mean:
      • Fully protected: All content in the file conforms to Glasswalls known good.
      • Protected by policy: Some of the content in the file has potential risky content left in.
      • This will allow you to differentiate between what cleaning has occurred to the files.

    Fixes & Improvements

    • N/A

    Known Issues or Limitations

    • Different archives files format not supported (.gzip, .tar).
    • Synchronisation of very large folders may reduce performance.
    • New functionality limited to Windows.


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