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    General Remarks

    • Aim to enhance user experience, accessibility, visual appeal and the overall functionality of the Glasswall Meteor App

    Components / Services Released

    • Glasswall Meteor App

    • Embedded Engine v.7.0

    New Features

    • Unsupported file indication in UI to help users understand when a file is unsupported in both the "Clean Files Now" and "Sync and Clean Files"

    • UI consistency updates, added hover state for links on the Help page for improved user interaction

    • The UI now features updated icons and labels for files that can't be cleaned, providing clearer information to users

    • Job history white card backgrounds now feature rounded edges, enhancing the visual appeal of the interface

    • Improved accessibility and enhanced visibility for users with Vision Impairment

    • Users can view detailed error information when opening Meteor, facilitating prompt issue resolution

    • Administrators receive notifications about problems applying configuration files, enabling timely correction of setup issues

    • Analysis reports are now correctly stored for non-conforming files and files with disallowed items in the audit folder

    Fixes & Improvements

    • UI consistency updates, including tooltips, ensuring a polished and intuitive user interface

    • Improved efficiency by ignoring hidden (MacOS) metadata files during sync and clean processes

    • Resolved missing icon issue on the Help page

    • Removed redundant warning for sync problems

    • Addressed an issue where archives containing many files that failed caused the entire archive to fail

    • Resolved warnings in the Audit/Job History log, ensuring accurate and informative log entries

    • Resolved an issue where all archives were processed and moved to clean files if they were contained within a supported archive

    Known Issues or Limitations

    • Different archives files format not supported (.gzip, .tar, .rar).

    • Synchronisation of very large folders may reduce performance.

    • New functionality limited to Windows.

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