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    General Remarks

    • Improved usability in relation to tables and the sorting of information by columns

    • Allow the Meteor software to benefit from all physical processing cores on the machine - enabling additional parallel processing and so make tasks faster to complete.

    Components / Services Released

    • Glasswall Meteor App

    • Embedded Engine v.7.0

    New Features

    • Implemented a feature enabling general users to view available choices upon opening Meteor, enhancing user interaction

    • Users can now easily check the status of their syncs upon Meteor launch, providing immediate visibility into sync statuses

    • Improved UI consistency by updating pagination for tables, enhancing navigation and usability

    • Ensured consistent spacing within analysis modals, providing a visually cohesive interface

    • Implemented a collective management system for external links within Meteor, enhancing control and organization

    • Fixed the Help page by adding the missing “Contact Glasswall Support” title for better user guidance

    Fixes & Improvements

    • Addressed various code concerns and enhancements, ensuring code readability, adherence to standards, and improved efficiency, including fixes related to Sonar Cloud
    • Continued with a comprehensive Meteor test plan to facilitate the automation of test cases, improving testing efficiency

    Known Issues or Limitations

    • Different archives files format not supported (.gzip, .tar, .rar).

    • Synchronisation of very large folders may reduce performance.

    • New functionality limited to Windows.

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