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    New Features

    • Improved Hover States and Tab Ordering in the Portal: The user interface (UI) of the portal has been enhanced with improved hover states and optimised tab ordering. Navigating through the portal is now more intuitive and user-friendly.

    • Enhanced UI Visualisation for Cleanroom Policy Processing: When processing files through Cleanroom, users will now have a clearer understanding of the policies applied. A shield icon and hover text have been added to visually represent the specific policy used during file processing, making it easier to track and manage security measures.

    • Archive Limits: We have updated the archive limits to provide more efficient file processing. The new archive limits are as follows:

      • Maximum File Count: Archives with more than 500 files when unpacked will no longer be processed.

      • Maximum File Size: Archives containing more than 500 MB of files will fail to process.

      • Maximum Archive Count: The overall file processing will fail if more than 50 nested archives (archives within other archives) are encountered.

      • Maximum Nesting Count: While nested archives (archives inside other archives) are allowed, files wrapped in more than 5 layers of archives will not be processed. Instead, a placeholder text file will be placed at the 5th level. This limitation only applies to archives inside archives and nested folders are not counted in this context.

    The values for the archive limits mentioned above are configurable and can be changed per deployment. For more details on how to make these configuration changes, please refer to the Configuration Changes Page.


    • Report Aggregator Connection Issue: We have resolved an issue with the report aggregator that was causing multiple connections with Rabbit MQ. This bug was leading to a gradual degradation in performance over time. With the fix, the report aggregator now efficiently manages connections, ensuring optimal performance throughout.

    • APK File Handling: We addressed a problem where APK files were incorrectly treated as archives within Glasswall Halo. APK files are not supported by Glasswall Halo, and as a result of the fix, they will now be properly recognised, preventing any unwanted processing. Instead, an error will be returned.

    • Processing of .wav Files in Archives: We fixed an issue that was preventing the processing of .wav files within archive files. With the update, .wav files inside archives will now be successfully processed, ensuring a seamless experience when dealing with audio files.

    We appreciate your continued support and value your feedback. If you encounter any further issues or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

    Known Issues

    • When using the V2 endpoint for archive file type detection, the returned file type was erroneously displayed as "unknown" instead of "archive."
      • Impact: This issue affects users relying on accurate file type detection through the V2 endpoint for archives, as it may lead to incorrect categorization of files.


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