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    New Features

    Enhanced Navigation Prompts within Clean Room and Policy Settings:

    We have improved the navigation prompts within the Clean Room and policy settings, making it easier for users to find and access the desired options. With clearer and more intuitive prompts, you can now navigate through the application with greater ease and efficiency.

    Ability to Revert Policy Settings:

    We understand that managing policy settings is a crucial aspect of your workflow. In this release, we are introducing the ability to revert policy settings to their default state. If you make changes that you later wish to undo, you can now easily revert back to the default configuration, ensuring a smoother policy management experience.

    Enhanced UI Prompts for Policy Settings with Extra Information:

    To provide you with more comprehensive information and facilitate better decision-making, we have enhanced the user interface (UI) prompts for policy settings. These prompts now include additional details and contextual information, empowering you to make informed choices and configure policies that align with your specific requirements.

    We hope these new features and enhancements enhance your overall experience with our product. As always, we value your feedback and are committed to continuously improving our application to meet your evolving needs. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please reach out to our customer support team.


    • Previously, there was a bug where the archive policy was incorrectly applying to single files even when the archive flag was set to "Disallow."
      • Impact: This issue resulted in unexpected behaviour, as single files were not supposed to be affected by the archive policy when the "Disallow" flag was set.
      • Resolution: In this release, we have fixed the issue causing the incorrect application of the archive policy to single files when the "Disallow" flag was set. Now, when the "Disallow" flag is used, single files will not be subject to the archive policy, aligning with the intended behaviour.

    Known Issues

    • When sending a JPEG of TIFF file through Glasswall Halo within an archive and setting the archive flag to anything other than "Sanitise," the desired behaviour of blocking the file is not achieved.

      • Impact: This issue prevents the expected blocking of JPEG or TIFF files when specific archive flags are set, leading to potential security risks.
    • In the current release, when using V3 of the endpoint in Glasswall Halo, executables that are blocked within an archive do not include a failure reason in the manifest.json file.

      • Impact: The absence of a failure reason for blocked executables within the manifest.json file may limit the visibility and understanding of why an executable failed within an archive. Inspecting the manifest.json alone may not provide the complete context or explanation for the failure.
    • When using the V2 endpoint for file type detection for archives, the returned file type was erroneously displayed as "unknown" instead of "archive."

      • Impact: This issue affects users relying on accurate file type detection through the V2 endpoint for archives, as it may lead to incorrect categorization of files.
    • In some cases, when a single file encounters issues during the rebuild process, the analysis report is not returned upon request through the V3 API.

      • Impact: Users relying on analysis reports to gain insights into the failure of rebuilds may not receive the expected information when dealing with files containing issue items.


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