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Glasswall offers two easy ways to setup and integrate our REST-API, which allow users to incorporate our CDR technology’s capabilities into their own solutions.

The Glasswall REST API is easy to integrate into any application or SIEM, and is perfect for automating file and IP-domain analysis.

Synchronous API

The Synchronous API enables real time responses to analysis and file rebuild requests.

A single API request is issued to sanitize a file and receive a file analysis report. File sanitization policies can be set via the API enabling different protection options for different user groups.

Find out more about Glasswall's Synchronous API.

Asynchronous API

The Asynchronous API provides developers with a way to make many requests to the CDR Platform, without the need to wait for a response being returned for the completed task.

This mode allows you to collect the cleaned files and analysis reports at your convenience. This ensures that your company’s infrastructure and resources are distributed efficiently.

Find out more about Glasswall's Asynchronous API.

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