Release 9
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    Release 9

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    1. General Remarks

    This release contains numerous performance and manage rate improvements across the Glasswall Embedded Engine SDK projects. The GWCLI (Command Line Tool) will be excluded as standard from Release 10 of the Embedded Engine. Please contact should you require any additional support.

    2. Component / Services Released

    • Glasswall Embedded Engine (Glasswall_core2): v2.804.1
    • Word Search And Redact ( v1.130.0
    • Archive Manager (libglasswall.archive.manager): v1.57.0
    • Glasswall Command Line Tool (gwcli): v2.97.0
    • SDK Editor Wrappers: 20231207.2

    3. New Features

    • Analysis report elements InputSHA256 and OutputSHA256 can now be toggled using the sysConfig switch <enable_hash_sha256>. Where enabled, significant performance optimisations have been made to this reporting feature. Please see Embedded Engine Configuration Management for further details.
    • Content items allowed under policy (AllowedItem) are now reported with IDs (AllowedId), aligning with the behaviour for SanitisationItem and IssueItem reporting.

    4. Fixes and Improvements

    • Updates to gwAnalysisReport and gwConfigurationManagement schemas.
    • Fixed issue that caused some doc files to fail with the error 'Length of PlcfandTxt.aCP is < 3'.
    • Fixed issue where some processed XLSX files containing a DDE led to a repair pop in Excel.
    • Fixed issue in Archive Manager that led to some bz2, gz and xz archives failing import.
    • Fixed issue that caused some xlsx files to have an erroneous group ID of 0 reported.
    • Fixed issue that caused some doc files to fail with the error "Function cfbGetObjectTag( ) found NULL pointer for object rule error".
    • Improvements to export text dump generation in PDF to reduce the insertions of ETX characters where possible.
    • Fixed issue that caused some docx files (disallowed by policy) to be reported with a 0 issueId and an unexpected failure message ""Failure occurred while processing OPC nodes".
    • Fixed issue where the GW2RunSession return status was -4 instead of -5, where an invalid xml policy is provided.
    • Updates to Third Party
      • Qt dependency library upgrade from v5.9.6 to v5.15.2.
      • Please note that Qt v5.15.2 requires zstd v1.5.5 or higher as a further dependency.

    5. Defects and Limitations

    • The JavaScript wrapper is currently excluded from the release package. This will be reintroduced in a subsequent release.
    • Archive Manager and Word Search Java wrapper compatibility is currently limited to JRE8.
    • PDFs generated via the MS Outlook Adobe plugin are not supported.
    • Word Search analysis XML no longer reports structural content or changes.
    • Processing times may be impacted by changes made to licensing functionality.
    • Processing files using multiple threads is not supported. Spawning multiple processes is advised in order to facilitate parallel processing.

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