Release 5.4
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    Release 5.4

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    1. General Remarks

    Release 5.4 is a patch release of the Glasswall Embedded Engine.

    2. Component / Services Released

    • Glasswall Embedded Engine (Glasswall_core2): v2.599.4
    • Word Search And Redact ( v1.49
    • Archive Manager (libglasswall.archive.manager): v0.85
    • Glasswall Command Line Tool (gwcli): v2.524
    • SDK Editor Wrappers: v1.0 (20230519.4)

    3. Fixes & Improvements

    • Python wrapper documentation updated to specify upgrade parameter if an lxml update is required.
    • Fixed issue where log error verbosity was not being propagated.
    • Fixed issue where some badly formed docx files were not processed correctly.
    • Fixed issue where zip files in sub-directories were not processed correctly when using the CLI ini file.
    • Fixed issue where certain pdf files with AES256 encryption could not be parsed correctly.
    • GWCLI documentation updates -
    • Fixed issue where some svg files caused a segmentation fault.
    • Fixed issue in gwcli where relative paths were appended to absolute paths. In some cases, this led to a runtime error.
    • Fixed issue where sub-directories were not processed correctly when running analysis mode.

    4. Defects and Limitations

    • The JavaScript wrapper is currently excluded from the release package. This will be reintroduced in a subsequent release.
    • Archive Manager and Word Search Java wrapper compatibility is currently limited to JRE8.
    • PDFs generated via the MS Outlook Adobe plugin are not supported.
    • Word Search analysis XML no longer reports structural content or changes.
    • Processing times may be impacted by changes made to licensing functionality.
    • Where using the GWCLI ini file, fileToFileMode = 1 must be specified ( This option will be deprecated in a subsequent release.

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