Release 14
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    Release 14

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    1. General Remarks

    This release does not contain Archive Manager, which has been deprecated since release 10.

    2. Component / Services Released

    • Glasswall Embedded Engine (Glasswall_core2): 2.967.0
    • SDK Editor Wrappers: 20240520.1
    • Word Search and Redact ( 1.186.0
    • Word Search Wrappers: 0.20
    • Rebuild: 1.787
    • Glasswall Runner: 20240521.3

    3. New Features

    • This release introduces beta support for text file pattern matching via the Embedded Engine Word Search library. This functionality is enabled using the system configuration setting enable_text_support, which is false by default. Setting to true enables the functionality.
    • This release introduces a new Word Search API method which returns the message description for a specified return code.
    • The Word Search C# wrapper has been updated with the new Word Search return codes introduced in Release 13.

    4. Fixes and Improvements

    • Fixed an issue in pdf for files with ill-formed names in stream content (empty "/"). Files will now be processed successfully with a remedy.
    • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to open an svg file after processing with the Embedded Engine.
    • Fixed a segfault when processing BMP files on Arm64.
    • Fixed an issue when processing a docx file in export mode fails with the error message "Failure occurred while processing OPC nodes".
    • Fixed an issue in Word Search where all search rules were using regex mode despite being configured as text.

    5. Defects and Limitations

    • The JavaScript wrapper is currently excluded from the release package. This will be reintroduced in a subsequent release.
    • Archive Manager and Word Search Java wrapper compatibility is currently limited to JRE8.
    • PDFs generated via the MS Outlook Adobe plugin are not supported.
    • Word Search analysis XML no longer reports structural content or changes.
    • Processing times may be impacted by changes made to licensing functionality.
    • Processing files using multiple threads is not supported. Spawning multiple processes is advised in order to facilitate parallel processing.
    • Word Search
      • 'text' or 'regex' can not be the same for 'require' or 'allow'/'disallow' as this will regenerate the file and ignore the 'disallow' or 'require' setting
      • | symbol at the start or end of 'require' can potentially cause the Engine to hang
      • The following symbols when present in <text> policy are not supported: ^ < > \ & ( ) [ + . ?
      • The following symbols when present at the start of a <text> policy are not supported: \ < > ^ $ ? [ + * ( ) .
      • The following symbols when present at the end of a <text> policy are not supported: < > & $ ^ | ( ) + .

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