Release 12
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    Release 12

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    1. General Remarks

    This release contains numerous performance and manage rate improvements across the Glasswall Embedded Engine SDK projects.

    2. Component / Services Released

    • Glasswall Embedded Engine (Glasswall_core2): v2.924.0
    • SDK Editor Wrappers: 20240322.3
    • Word Search and Redact ( v1.160.0
    • Word Search Wrappers: 0.16
    • Archive Manager (libglasswall.archive.manager): v1.76.0
    • Archive Manager Wrappers: 0.16
    • Rebuild: 1.759

    3. New Features

    • Additional configuration options added to define maximum RAM usage and timeouts within a session. See
      • sysConfig switch linux_memory_limit - Enforces a limit on the memory usage of the process, while processing a session, in GiB. This limit triggers process termination. '0' disables this limit and is the default setting. This setting has no effect on non-Linux platforms.
      • sysConfig switch session_timeout - Enforces a time limit on running a session, in minutes. This limit triggers process termination. '0' disables this timeout where '60' is the default setting.
    • SBOMs are now included as standard in the release package for each of the Embedded Engine libraries. SBOM generation is currently marked as a beta feature.

    4. Fixes and Improvements

    • Fixed issue in PDF to remedy non-conforming files which were failing with the error "Expected to find an EOL terminator found (0x30) instead".
    • Fixed issue in OOXML where some non-conforming files containing empty streams were still regenerated.
    • Changes made to JPEG where JFXX marker segments are now unconditionally removed.
    • Erroneous textSetting policies in Word Search are now rejected rather than the library falling back on default settings.

    5. Defects and Limitations

    • The JavaScript wrapper is currently excluded from the release package. This will be reintroduced in a subsequent release.
    • Archive Manager and Word Search Java wrapper compatibility is currently limited to JRE8.
    • PDFs generated via the MS Outlook Adobe plugin are not supported.
    • Word Search analysis XML no longer reports structural content or changes.
    • Processing times may be impacted by changes made to licensing functionality.
    • Processing files using multiple threads is not supported. Spawning multiple processes is advised in order to facilitate parallel processing.

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