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    Before you begin the process of deploying Glasswall Halo, check that you have the following tools and resources installed and setup.

    Required Tools

    Required OCI Resources

    1. OKE Cluster

    • Recommended total of at least 8 vCPU and 32 GB RAM.
    • Minimum node size is 4 vCPU and 16 GB RAM.
    • For production workloads a minimum of 2 nodes is recommended.
    • Only a 'Basic' cluster is required.

    Note: Glasswall Halo does not support ARM64 node VMs.

    For guidance on creating an OKE cluster please refer to:

    2. File Storage and Mount Target

    • The OCI File Storage Service (FSS) is used to create Persistent volumes in OKE. Create the File System instance in the same VCN where OKE cluster is created.

    For guidance on creating the FSS please refer to:

    3. Vault

    • The OCI Vault is used to store sensitive data, such as connection strings and secrets.

    For guidance on creating the FSS please refer to:

    Access to Glasswall Artifact Registry

    • You are provided with a Token & Token ID to access Glasswall's Artifact Registry.
    • This allows you to directly pull container images and Helm charts from your AKS cluster.
    • In subsequent steps, the Token and Token ID will be referred to as: token and token_ID.

    Assigning Variables

    Variables assigned before you begin

    Variables for resources mentioned in prerequisites above need to be assigned before you can begin Glasswall Halo installation. You'll need to replace "..." with your own values.

    Note: The steps below assume each resource is in the same OCI compartment referred to as: compartment_ocid

    • The OCI Region where resources are created: oracle_region="..."
    • The OCI Compartment ID: compartment_ocid="..."
    • The OKE Cluster's OCID: oke_cluster_ocid="..."
    • The FSS Mount Target's OCID: mount_target_ocid="..."
    • The Availability Domain of the FSS Mount Target: availability_domain="..."
    • The Vault's OCID: vault_ocid="..."
    • The Vault Secret name: vault_secret_name="..."


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