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    General Remarks

    • Release to update the Glasswall Embedded Engine
    • Use of new license management components to protect revenue

    Components / Services Released

    • Glasswall Meteor
    • Embedded Engine v.5.3

    New Features

    • New Glasswall Embedded Engine
    • Implementation of policy management for SVG, WebP and Tiff sanitisation items
    • Implementation of policy management for an additional Excel sanitisation item - Connections

    Fixes & Improvements

    • Software uses new gwcli.exe exclusively
    • Dynamic license management is now supported so that entitlements do not need to be tied to Engine releases
    • Removal of new Snyk SCA and SAST issues 
    • Addition of link to online documentation for Meteor
    • New engine addresses the problem processing SVG images in v3.1.0

    Known Issues or Limitations

    • Synchronisation of very large folders may reduce performance
    • New functionality limited to Windows

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