Menlo Configuration
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    Menlo Configuration

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    In order to complete the Glasswall-Menlo integration, you will need to access the Menlo Security Admin Portal and complete the following steps.



    1. Log in to the Menlo Security Admin Portal.


    1. From the top navigation bar, select Web Policy.


    1. From the left hand navigation menu, select Content Inspection under Settings.


    1. Under the Integrations section, select the edit icon corresponding to Menlo File REST API.

    2. Make the corresponding changes:

      • Base URL: this should be the base URL to the environment.
      • CA Certificate: this is the CA Certificate corresponding to the one installed for the base URL.
      • File Details and Transfer Type: this section details how the request will be executed, including authentication/authorization, timeout and size limits.
      • Skip Validation of Certificate: this should be unchecked - this will ensure the next section gives an accurate reflection of the settings.
      • Allow File Replacement: this should also be checked to allow rebuilt files to replace originals.
    3. Click Test. The integration is executed with a text file and calls the the following 3 endpoints:

      • POST /api/v1/submit
      • GET /api/v1/result
      • GET /api/v1/file

        Note: /api/v1/result will return a bad request because the test file is a text file and the engine is unable to rebuild it.
    4. Click Save if the testing was a success.

    5. Click Publish for the changes to take effect.

    Testing Configuration

    1. Log in to the integration via the Menlo Security Platform.

    2. Enter a URL you would like to test.


    Note: we are using as it allows us to test the service with a sample file.

    1. Select a sample file in the portal and it gets processed by the integration as shown:


    Once processed, Menlo presents you with the processed file.

    1. Click Download Original to download the rebuilt file.


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