Glasswall-Palo Alto Networks Firewall Plug-in
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    Glasswall-Palo Alto Networks Firewall Plug-in

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    Article Summary

    The Glasswall – Palo Alto Networks plug-in provides an additional layer of protection to the regular Palo Alto Networks firewall. Next generation firewalls are effective in protecting against most attack vectors, but there is a protection gap.

    File-based threats such as malware and ransomware can go undetected when the security filter is not aware of the structure of the document. Glasswall’s Content Disarm and Reconstruction engine supports a wide range of business files, and can shine a light on the threats hidden in files.

    Use Cases

    • Protecting against compromised websites
    • File-based threat defence
    • Zero-Trust architecture
    • Detection and removal of malware and ransomware

    How it works

    The Palo Alto Networks firewall decrypts information as a user browses the internet. It then connects with a security chain and uses ICAP to interact with the Glasswall CDR Platform. Any files that don’t match the known-good manufacturers specification are restored by the Glasswall Platform using our patented highly ISG*-compliant 4-step CDR process. Potentially malicious active content is removed, and a brand-new file is created with a visually identical copy of the original file being returned back to the Palo Alto Networks firewall. The protected file is then returned to the firewall, via the same security chain. Thus delivering safe and secure files to the end user in seconds.

    Supported Models

    • PA-7080
    • PA-7050
    • PA-5450
    • PA-5280
    • PA-5260
    • PA-5250
    • PA-5220
    • PA-3260
    • PA-3250
    • PA-3220
    • VM-300 / VM-1000-MV

    Note: please ensure Glasswall CDR Platform is installed and ready to be integrated before you begin these steps. Please refer to our Deployment page for more information if you haven't already done so.

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