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The Glasswall distribution consists of all libraries, wrappers, tools, config and test files required to get started within a single archive. Extract the archive and include the relevant artefacts in your project.

General Requirements

The general requirements for a project are:

  • The Glasswall libraries and dependencies located in the libs/editor directory
    • glasswall_core2.*.
    • *_camera.dll or *
  • A policy file to modify the default CDR file processing behaviour - an example can be found in the tools/command.line.tool/configs directory
  • The language wrapper for your chosen language, which can be found in the libs/extensions/wrappers/[language] directory.

Environment Variables (Linux)

A number of environmental variables must be set in order for the libraries and wrappers to function correctly. It may be necessary to set these variables with elevated permissions:

  • LD_LIBRARY_PATH: Set to the directory containing the Core 2 libraries
  • QT_PLUGIN_PATH : Set to the directory containing the QT libraries included in the package
  • LDCONFIG: Use to update symbolic links for currently shared libraries

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