Release 5
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    Release 5

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    1. General Remarks

    Glasswall Embedded Engine Release 5 is the second major release of the Glasswall Embedded Engine, following the consolidation of the Rebuild and Editor SDKs.

    2. Component / Services Released

    • Glasswall Embedded Engine (Glasswall_core2): v2.599
    • Word Search And Redact ( v1.46
    • Archive Manager (libglasswall.archive.manager): v0.85
    • Glasswall Command Line Tool (gwcli): v2.40
    • SDK Editor Wrappers: v1.0 (20230519.4)

    3. New Features

    3.1 License Keys

    License keys are now generated on a per client basis and customers should expect to receive their own unique license key file, independent of the release package. Optional APIs have been introduced to assign the license to a session if you wish to load the license from an alternative location to the working directory -


    • GW2RegisterlicenceFile
    • GW2RegisterlicenceMemory


    • gwcli --lic "<path to licence file>"

    See the relevant API sections above in our documentation for guidance on how to specify the input parameters. If the license is not assigned to the session then, as before, the Embedded Engine will expect to find the key file in the working directory. An additional API has been added to retrieve license information.


    • GW2licenceDetails


    • gwcli –-licence

    License keys are now constructed with entitlements, which are mapped to various Embedded Engine features. From Release 5, the use of the export/import (transformation) APIs now require the presence of a valid key containing the relevant entitlements. Please contact where a license upgrade is required.

    3.2 Analysis reporting, policy settings and XSD updates

    • File complexity ratings are now populated in the analysis reports. This provides an indication of structural complexity in a file as a rating of between 1 and 10.
    • File processing times are now captured in the analysis reports.
    • gw:InputHash in the analysis reports has been renamed to gw:InputSHA256
    • Output file SHA256 is now captured in the analysis reports as gw:OuputSHA256
    • gw:InputSHA256 is now captured for unsupported files in the analysis reports.
    • SysConfig element layout_format is now deprecated. Reports now use the ‘v2’ setting layout introduced in the Rebuild 1.444.0 release of May 2022. This may introduce a breaking change where reports are being parsed (where this setting is not already implemented). This update modifies the analysis report in the following ways –
      • AllowedItems content group is included for items allowed under policy.
      • AverageSizeInBytes elements are removed.
      • MinSizeInBytes elements are now removed.
      • MaxSizeInBytes elements are now removed.
      • RiskLevel elements are now removed.
    • SysConfig element interchange_best_compression added to customise compression ratio used during content export (transformation).
    • SysConfig setting stream_ceiling is now deprecated and is no longer configurable.
    • SysConfig toggle interchange_minify is deprecated. True is now the default behaviour.
    • SysConfig toggle content_items is now deprecated.
    • SysConfig setting analysis_format is now deprecated.
    • SysConfig setting interchange_validation is now deprecated. True is still the default behaviour.
    • Export analysis reports now include remedy IDs.
    • New unique IssueID (7) mapping in the analysis reports for unsupported file types / undeterminable file types.
    • Updates to the gwConfigurationManagement schema.
    • Updates to the gwEditorExport schema.
      • Additional restrictions added.
    • Updates to the gwAnalysisReport schema.

    3.3 Release package directory restructure

    The release package directory structure has now been modified. Notable changes include –

    • The ‘extensions’ and ‘tools’ directories have been removed meaning the Word Search, Archive Manager libraries, and the CLI Tool are now located in the same directory as the engine libraries.
    • Each OS directory contains the various SDK translation wrappers.
      • Offline installers for Python now included and additional JRE compatible versions for Java.
    • All configuration files are in the same ‘Config Files’ directory.
    • A license folder containing third-party license information.

    4. Fixes & Improvements

    • PDF AES256 encryption (security revision 5) is now permitted in PDF v1.4 and PDF v1.7 (as per Adobe Supplement to ISO 32000 Extension Level 3).
    • PDF manage rate improvements.
    • GWCLI ini file support extended.
    • Updates to GWCLI processing report log.
    • Wrapper updates for newly introduced APIs.
    • Export/Import round trip manage rates improved.
    • DOCTYPE element is no longer added to export xml streams.
    • Determine File Type API extended to identify valid text files (UTF-8 and ASCII compliant).
    • Fixed issue where some SVG files with hyperlinks were not processed correctly.
    • Fixed issue where some SVG files with scripts were not processed correctly.
    • Fixed issue where some DOCX and XLSX sanitisations reported with 0 issue IDs.

    5. Known Issues or Limitations

    • The JavaScript wrapper is currently excluded from the release package. This will be reintroduced in a subsequent release.
    • Archive Manager and Word Search Java wrapper compatibility is currently limited to JRE8.
    • PDFs generated via the outlook Adobe plugin are not supported.
    • Word Search analysis XML no longer reports structural content or changes.
    • Processing times may be impacted by changes made to licensing functionality.

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