Release 4
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    Release 4

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    General Remarks

    • Embedded Engine Release 4 is the first production release of our consolidated SDK, where the Glasswall Rebuild and Editor SDKs have been merged. Release 4 and future releases of the Glasswall Embedded Engine will henceforth supersede standalone releases of the Glasswall Rebuild and Editor SDKs.
    • CLI: gwcli now replaces GWQtCLI and should be used in place of the deprecated Rebuild glasswall.classic.cli / glasswallCLI command line interface tool.
    • For distribution purposes, evaluation builds are now synced with production builds.

    Components / Services Released

    • Glasswall Embedded Engine (Glasswall_core2): v2.414.1
    • Word Search And Redact ( v1.34
    • Archive Manager (libglasswall.archive.manager): v0.78
    • Glasswall Command Line Tool (gwcli): v2.26
    • SDK Editor Wrappers: v0.9

    New Features

    • Content Export & Import (Transformation): The Glasswall Embedded Engine can take a complex file format; expose an internal DOM tree of a file, normalise this content into a simple intermediary format (XML or SISL) and allow external processes to manipulate or analyse this data. Once exported, the Embedded Engine can reimport and reconstitute these streams into a newly reconstructed file.
    • Word Search & Redaction (beta): Glasswall now provides the ability to search and redact (or block) office documents that contain forbidden words.
    • Analysis reports now include input SHA256 hash in 'rebuildonly' run mode.
    • Engine run mode now defaults to 'rebuildonly'. File processing will be routed via the rebuild plug-in without the need to specify this in the policy xml.
    • A license key file is now included in the release package. Engine activation is now permitted based on license validity (including expiration date).
    • New API to retrieve license information.
    • New APIs to create text dumps during the export process.
    • Word Search analysis report now includes document summary.
    • SHA file hash is now captured in the analysis reports (editoronly mode).
    • Macho .bundle extensions are now supported.
    • SVG files are no longer removed as embedded files within office documents.
    • Binary camera code migrations from Rebuild to Editor (editoronly mode).
    • Media camera code migrations from Rebuild to Editor (editoronly mode).
    • Configuration to enable/disable standard CDR when exporting/importing internal dom tree to XML or SISL.
    • Sisl 'minifier' configuration option to reduce sisl output size during content export.
    • Microsoft Office XML specification updates (rebuildonly mode). There is now support up to the following protocol revisions:

      Doc Type
      Protocol Revision

    Fixes & Improvements

    • Significant performance improvements made to the export and import (transformation to XML/SISL) capability.
    • Fixed inconsistent CLI behavior when using relative paths to specify input and output directories.
    • Memory management improved when processing numerous files through a single of the embedded engine.
    • Extended Archive Manager APIs to simply unpack or pack archive files without invoking engine protect mode automatically.
    • Fixed issue where some sanitisation IDs were reported as 0.
    • Updates to all SDK wrappers.

    Known Issues or Limitations

    • Analysis report layout_format still defaults to the 'v1' setting. Manually set this sysConfig flag to 'v2' in the policy file to:
      • Populate an allowed items content group in the analysis report for items allowed under policy.
      • Remove redundant contentItem elements:
        • AverageSizeInBytes
        • MinSizeInBytes
        • MaxSizeInBytes
      • Remove Issue Item riskLevel from the report (other work in progress to replace this).

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