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    Glasswall Halo v2.1.3

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    New Features

    Introducing the Scan Controller API, provides the ability to manage scans within your application:

    • Perform essential scan operations such as effortlessly starting, cancelling, and restarting scans.
    • Gain real-time insights into the status of running scans, allowing for better monitoring and control.
    • Access a comprehensive list of all previous scans for enhanced data analysis and record keeping.

    Introducing the Event Projection API allows you to retrieve scan results and detailed information within your application.

    • Obtain the results summary of a scan, providing a high-level overview of the scan's findings.
    • Retrieve the results of specific files or archives, allowing for targeted analysis and remediation.
    • Access a detailed breakdown of the Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) process, offering in-depth insights into the scan results.

    Introducing a new Detailed Archive Processing Mode, enhancing the handling of archives within the system.

    • When enabled, the overall file will be marked as "Failed" to indicate the presence of child archives.
    • A clean file with child archives, limited to a maximum of 5 levels of nesting, will be stored in the target folder for further analysis.
    • If a child archive exceeds the nesting limit, it will be replaced with a .txt placeholder file and marked as "Errored".
    • A comprehensive quarantine report containing details of the errored archive will be stored in the quarantine container for reference.

    Introducing Express Mode, a new feature that enhances the file processing capabilities of the system.

    • Express Mode ensures that only supported file types are sent to the Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) Platform for processing.
    • This streamlined approach optimizes the scanning process by excluding unsupported file types, reducing processing time and resource consumption.

    Known Issues

    • Issue: In the event of a dead-letter on the cdr-enablement queue, the GET Scan Summary endpoint response may show a lower value for numberOfProcessedFiles compared to numberOfFiles.

      Impact: This discrepancy can lead to confusion regarding the actual number of files processed during a scan.

    • Issue: For scans marked as Errored, the status response may return a null value for ScanEndTime.

      Impact: The absence of a valid ScanEndTime can hinder accurate tracking and analysis of scan durations for errored scans.

    • Issue: The constellations-scan-preprocessor service may encounter errors while attempting to write to the FileMetadata Cosmos container, resulting in duplicate cdr-enablement messages. As a consequence, individual files may be processed multiple times.

      Impact: Duplicate file processing can lead to resource utilisation inefficiencies and potential delays in overall scan completion.

    • Issue: When Constellations encounters an archive in a source container during autoscaling, only one new pre-warmed cdrplatform-engine pod will scale up.

      Impact: This behaviour can introduce a slight processing delay for archives, as additional scaling of cdrplatform-engine pods is contingent on the engine-requests queue in Glasswall Halo.


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