About Meteor Connect
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    About Meteor Connect

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    Accessing Cloud & Remote Storage with Glasswall Meteor Connect

    Glasswall Meteor Connect combines with Glasswall Meteor to ensure files that are stored in remote locations can benefit from Glasswall’s industry leading zero-trust Content Disarm and Reconstruction protection. File-based threats are removed by Glasswall Meteor, with clean files being automatically transferred to a safe target location.


    Seamless Connectivity Across Storage Platforms

    Glasswall Meteor Connect, effortlessly bridges the gap between your local files and remote servers. With its comprehensive support for all major server and cloud storage protocols, you're empowered to connect to virtually any server or cloud service, including Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft OneDrive, and more.

    Optimized File Transfers and Management

    Experience hassle-free file transfers to accounts like Amazon S3 and Google Storage. Organize and browse through your files in a structured, hierarchical manner, and effortlessly manage access control lists and bucket configurations.

    Secure and Reliable Access

    Glasswall Meteor Connect prioritizes your data's security. Benefit from secure TLS connections for FTP transfers, advanced SSH configurations with public key authentication, and the ability to connect to highly secure enterprise filesharing solutions.

    Efficient Cloud Storage Solutions

    Discover cost-effective cloud storage with services like Backblaze B2, offering storage solutions at a fraction of the cost of Amazon S3. Additionally, connect to smart cloud storage services tailored for modern teams, such as Files.com.

    Streamlined Setup with Connection Profiles

    Simplify your setup process with Glasswall Meteor Connect's connection profiles. These plugins describe specific connection settings for various hosting providers, making it easier than ever to establish connections without the need to manually enter connection details.

    Universal Access and Collaboration

    Whether it's accessing Windows file shares via SMB, managing unstructured data with Windows Azure, or collaborating securely from anywhere with Box.com, Glasswall Meteor Connect ensures you're always connected and in control.

    Glasswall Meteor Connect is provided to Glasswall Meteor customers without charge. The software is powered by Mountain Duck, an Iterate GmbH solution under license to Glasswall Solutions Ltd.

    Why Glasswall Meteor Connect?

    • Zero cost for each Glasswall Meteor user subscription
    • Supports Windows 10 or later & Windows Server 2016 or later
    • Wide range of notifications for file and folder actions
    • Throttle upload and download speed
    • Proxy aware software
    • Support for wide range of languages

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