About Constellations
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    About Constellations

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    About Glasswall Constellations

    Introducing Glasswall Constellations, a groundbreaking platform designed to revolutionize the way you sanitise bulk files within containers, leveraging Glasswall's cutting-edge CDR technology.

    By seamlessly integrating with Glasswall Halo, Constellations empowers you to effortlessly process large file containers with unparalleled speed and efficiency. Experience the power of Constellations as it efficiently processes a 1TB data container in less than one hour.

    The speed of travel, is determined by the limits you place on the amount of compute resource available to the solution. Increasing the size of the available node pools, could deliver much faster througput. If you need process gigabytes per second, simply turn the dials to achieve the outcome you need.

    With Constellations, you gain more than just swift file processing. Explore its intuitive features that provide quick insights and comprehensive reporting on previously processed containers, allowing you to easily access valuable information. Moreover, Constellations offers real-time data updates for ongoing jobs, ensuring you stay informed at every step of the process.

    Discover a new level of efficiency and productivity with Glasswall Constellations, the ultimate solution for secure and rapid bulk file sanitization within containers.


    Key Features

    • Kubernetes-based architecture which can be deployed via a managed Kubernetes service such as AKS.
    • Cloud APIs are compliance with the OpenAPI v3.x specifications, allowing development teams to rapidly create client software integrations using codegen tools to control and manage scans
    • Over 85+ supported file formats and counting
    • Highly scalable solution allowing you to configure processing power for what you need
    • Native integration with Azure Blob for location to location santisation and protection

    Constellations API

    Scan Management API

    The Scan Management API enables security teams to initiate jobs and retrieve the status of active file scans within Glasswall Constellations – our zero-trust CDR processing solution for large amounts of data.

    Scan Results API

    Security teams can utilize the Scan Results API to retrieve key data from Glasswall Constellations. It provides users with the ability to check the results of file scans that have either completed or that are in process.


    Constellations is built using scalable Kubernetes (k8s). This is a technology that automates deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Containers within an application are grouped into logical units for easy management, and Kubernetes provides a way to schedule and deploy those containers. It also scales them to your desired state and manages their life cycle.

    Learn more about Kubernetes.

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