About Glasswall APIs
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    About Glasswall APIs

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    Our range of APIs deliver our zero-trust CDR file processing capabilities wherever a file is in motion, or at rest. They ensure our customers files are protected against complex and zero-day file-based threats by our patented four-step CDR process at critical stages within document workflows.

    Glasswall Halo

    The Glasswall cloud-native Halo provides security teams with out-of-the-box file protection capabilities. Built on a Kubernetes architecture, it provides organizations with protection that can scale infinitely to meet demand.

    Synchronous API

    Our Synchronous REST API enables security teams to present file analysis and rebuild requests to Glasswall Halo – typically securing files in under a second. In addition, the API facilitates policy management actions – enabling security teams to match the processing of a files components with their organizations risk appetite.

    Asychronous API

    The Asynchronous API enables security teams to present and respond to multiple file analysis requests for Glasswall Halo. The APIs ability to handle concurrent operations and non-blocking I/O allows Glasswall Halo to manage resources and respond to multiple requests concurrently – enabling the user to continue at their own convenience, eliminating the requirement to wait for file processing.

    Policy Management API

    The Policy Management API gives security teams the capability to configure content management policies to match their organizations risk appetite, allowing them to govern the treatment of files and their contents during the CDR process. Users are able to create, update, delete or reset content management policies for Glasswall Halo.

    License Management API

    This is a new API used to manage active licenses and can be accessed via the main entry point into the cluster. The License Management service focuses solely on license storage and does not impact the application of licenses within the cluster.

    Menlo Security Platform API

    Our Menlo API enables security teams with Menlo Security Platform deployments to seamlessly harness the power of Glasswall zero-trust CDR technology. It instantly processes web content traffic and downloads encountered by the Menlo Security Platform – ensuring users can safely browse the internet.

    ICAP Profile Management API

    The Glasswall ICAP integration provides users with a robust tool for customizing file processing by an ICAP server and managing Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR). The ICAP Profile Management API allows for the creation and modification of these profiles, streamlining the management and optimization of file processing workflows. Additionally, the API supports the simultaneous activation of multiple ICAP Profiles, offering flexible and precise control over file security measures.


    Constellations is a zero-trust file import solution that complies with the NSA's Raise the Bar standards and other industry guidance. It utilizes our industry-leading Glasswall Halo to solve the traditional challenges faced by security teams when processing substantial amounts of untrusted data.

    Scan Management API

    The Scan Management API enables security teams to initiate jobs and retrieve the status of active file scans within Glasswall Constellations – our zero-trust CDR processing solution for large amounts of data.

    Scan Results API

    Security teams can utilize the Scan Results API to retrieve key data from Glasswall Constellations. It provides users with the ability to check the results of file scans that have either completed or that are in process.

    For more detailed information please refer to our Cloud Native API Documentation.

    Embedded Engine

    Learn more about Embedded Engine APIs.

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