About Email Security
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About Email Security

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Email is a popular vehicle for social engineering attacks and other threats – what employee wouldn’t open an attachment that appears to be from their CEO? Make sure only safe email attachments enter and exit your organization. With Glasswall Email Security, every attachment is disarmed of potential threats and delivered instantly.

Eliminate risk of file-based threats from email attachments

  • Give users the freedom to open any attachment.
  • Deliver mail to desktops and devices without delay
  • Disarm and rebuild attachments with perfect visual content layer integrity

Use Cases

  • Enterprise-scale business email threat removal
  • Supply chain security
  • Secure email attachments

How it works

Glasswall Email Security uses the patented Glasswall CDR Platform to inspect, clean and rebuild email file attachments to their known good state in real-time–proactively protecting your organization against the most persistent and complex file-based threats.


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