About Clean Room
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About Clean Room

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Security Made Simple

Unlike traditional detection-based security methods that play catch up with new threats, Glasswall’s CDR (Content Disarm & Reconstruction) technology instantly cleans and rebuilds files to match their ‘known good’ industry specifications, removing potential malware. Without sacrificing productivity, Glasswall CDR ensures every file entering your organisation is safe.

Using our advanced CDR technology, Glasswall has developed the new Clean Room application - a simple and user-friendly tool for removing threats from your everyday files. It's a quick and easy way to eliminate malware that could be left behind by traditional antivirus software, and also allows users to trial our CDR technology.

Key Features

Seamless Setup

Clean Room can be deployed within your company’s IT infrastructure quickly and seamlessly.

Intuitive Interface

Securing your company from file based threats starts with each individual employee. This is why Clean Room is designed to be simple for your employees to use; no matter how tech savvy they are.

DIY File Sanitization

Clean Room allows you and your team to take file security into your own hands, without having to rely on traditional antivirus software which could let undetected malware through.

Patented Technology

Clean Room is powered by Glasswall’s patented CDR technology, which is approved by the NSA.

Detailed Reporting

After your files are processed, Clean Room provides you with a full report detailing what was removed and changed so you can stay informed about known and unknown threats.

Risk Levels

Clean Room advises you on the level of risk associated with each file you sanitize, so you can ensure that similar files and file types are treated accordingly and monitored closely in the future.

Why Clean Room?

  • Secure every file in your organization with an average processing speed of less than 2 seconds.
  • Processed files are visually identical to the original files.
  • We employ compliant Kubernetes architecture which allows flexible and scalable processing for any file volume.
  • Easy of deployment to either the cloud or on premise infrastructure.

Use Cases

  • Sanitize new and unknown files
  • Bulk file sanitization
  • Legacy file clean-up
  • Sanitize website downloads and uploads

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